Welcome to Modular Consulting, where you could learn and receive the latest movement in Human-Centered Design applications in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Our mission is to apply Design Thinking in a variety applications. Whether it is to understand your clients and come up with new services and solutions, or applying Designer mindset to help you and your organization build an engaging work culture, we can help. We are the official licensee of Designing Your Life and Designing Your Work Life in Southeast Asia based in Thailand.

About ME

I’m a life designer who helps build a joyful and meaningful life in both the individual and organization level.

If you are looking for practical ideas and tools in building a more engaging working culture, whether it is for preparing a changing workforce landscape or strengthening your core working culture, I can help.


I am the founder of Modular Consulting, the official licensee of Designing Your Life in Southeast Asia based in Thailand.
I apply design thinking principles together with research based psychology theories to help create better work engagement.

As a psychologist, I don’t believe in a
“one-size-fits-all” approach, so feel free
to contact me if you had any inquiries.

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I am determined to bring the concept of “Human-Centered” Design to Southeast Asia

Our Services.

We cover the following Human-Centered based services such as


In house or public, we focused on action- based learning


A highly customized approach to serving our client dynamic business objectives


Private or One-on-one counseling session via online and face to face platforms

Tools and Resources

Get the latest tools and trends in Human-Centered Design and Applied Psychology

Our Courses.

Here are our signature classes

Designing Your Work Life

Learning how “Human-Centered” Design concept could help design a work life that does not only benefit individuals in your corporate but also increase overall productivity and employee’s engagement.


Designing Your Life

Tackle life’s most fascinating question of “What do I want to grow into?” The only certified workshop in South East Asia from New York Times bestseller book “Designing Your Life”.


Designing College Life and Beyond

Two-days intensive workshop for youth is based on Stanford’s longest waiting list class. Discover the road ahead, and apply the concept of Designing a Life You Love for a head start.


Silicon Valley Mindset

A course that has originated from two of the most popular courses in the Silicon Valley area, Designing Your Life and Search Inside Yourself; taught by Thailand certified experts on these subject matters.

Brain-based Empathizing

Deep dive into one of the most fundamental aspects of Design Thinking, Empathize. A hands-on workshop that applied human-centered design and psychology tips that help you reach your customer’s insights


Designing Thinking in Application

An intensive course of Design Thinking, a world’s renowned model of innovation, via workshop format and real cases from the business world.

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Words from our past clients


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A summary of Designing Your Life kick-off

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